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This section contains information that will help you understand The History of Parliament of Tanzania, how Parliament works, the Law Making process, Types of MPs as well as, political system in Tanzania……

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Historia ya Bunge

Kazi za Bunge.

Utungaji wa Sheria na kamati zake

Bunge la Tanzania, Muundo na Majukumu yake

Namna ya Kutembelea Bunge

We want you to make the most of your visit to Parliament in Dodoma!

Visiting the Parliament House in Dodoma is rewarding. As a site of architectural beauty of its kind, the parliament Building and its historical significance and knowing how the lawmaker’s works belongs not only to those who work here, but to allTanzanians.

Plan and Visit your parliament now….What you should know before you arrive

Apply: All visitors to the Parliament Buildings are supposed to apply for their Visitation indicating their proposed dates and their number. If the information is complete and the requested time is available, Confirmation/ Acceptance Email will be sent to you and your supposed to bring with you when you arrive at the Public entrance (Gate C).

Note: All tours are subject to cancellation without notice due to parliamentary activity.

Security: All visitors to the Parliament Buildings are required to go through security scanning station at gate C. Line-ups are to be expected, so we recommend that you allow extra time. We recommend all visitors to be at gate C from 08:am.

Cost: All tours and programs at the Parliament are FREE of charge. Please note: Parliament does not sponsor any Visits to Parliament to any groups. Visitors are welcome to Parliament for their own costs.

Tour and Educational Session: After the question and Answer session, all Visitors will be taken for short tour of the Parliament Building before a education Session to discuss about how Parliament Works, History etc. We cannot guarantee a tour to groups of less than 10 People.

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Civic Education Programs and Exhibitions:

With the Civic Education Programs, We know that not every one can visit Parliament in Dodoma. However, we able to bring the Parliament to the people through Civic Education Programs in regions and Exhibitions. We have designed the presentation, Brochures, publications and other activities to help you understand the role of the Parliament and encourage you all to have your say.

The Parliamentary Civic education Programs spreads awareness of the work, processes and relevance of the institution of Parliament, encouraging greater engagement between the public and the Parliament

The work of Parliamentary Civic Education includes:

Delivering training explaining the work of Parliament

Promoting engagement of public on public hearing done by Committee

Showing how the public can get involved with legislative scrutiny

Demonstrating Parliament's relevance activities and inspiring the public particularly students about the work of Parliament.


Parliament of Tanzania participates in a number of exhibitions such as the Public Service Week (Utumishi), Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (Sabasaba) and the Famers Week (Nanenane) each year.

These exhibitions brings together Private and Public Organizations to exhibits their services and products to the Public.

Through this exhibition, the public is able to access the information about the work of Parliament and engage into dialogue through question. Moreover more information’s are being displayed through images and different displays put together representing Parliament activities.

Hon. Dr. Tulia Ackson


Legislative Role


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Ms. Nenelwa J. Mwihambi

Clerk of the National Assembly

Legislative Role


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